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your actions what they might have the effects of society at large their breeding psycho's the other way they've been able to do this is similar to what you see with the economy because economics of course is also a soft science and what's happened here is pharmaceutical lobbyist and companies have been targeting psychiatry asst in order to sell more of this product and the reason why they've gone to a psychiatrist is because this is a soft medical thing you know it's all subjective whether or not the psychiatry determines that this person in front of them is a psycho major pharmaceutical companies the article says have been so successful at lobbying psychiatry is that they've changed the criteria for mental illness and disability payments as well so former new england journal of medicine editor marcia angle says those qualifying as disabled due to psychosis has increased nearly two and a half times between one thousand nine hundred seven and two thousand and seven from one in one hundred eighty four americans to one in seventy six for children the
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rise is even more startling a thirty five fold increase in the same two decades mental illness is now the leading cause of disability in children but one in five children visiting us now comes away with a prescription for an anti-psychotic you know you see the kids in school now in america there they're trying to force wads of whipped cream up their nostrils or they're beating their heads against a wall and this is all considered to be part and parcel of bona fide qualifications to work in the finance industry well now let's apply this to money so here we have these profit private pharmaceutical companies major corporations we have a corporatism in america corporations run america americans have our it adopted an ideology of fundamentalism that no corporation can ever ever do anything bad nothing they do is ever criminal so you have these corporations able to. to create
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mass psychosis the into one in six americans sixty six americans now psychotic so let's look at the financial system the monetary system where we see the same exact thing in america since one nine hundred thirteen we've had the us federal reserve system which is a collection of private banks so now let's look at the same crises they create in our psychological mind of the whole global monetary system these are just some screeching headlines max from monday morning twenty four hours to save the euro fearing the worst fed prepares for us default then bloomberg headline euro leaders start talks on sovereign debt crisis so here you're seeing the same sort of situation is that it's all chaos it's all going to collapse a psychotic our economy a psychotic our monetary system is a psychotic here take debt we have just the pills. you know the pharmaceutical companies are marketing debt in a pill form so people don't need to wait for their state to impose debt upon them
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through a legal structuring of research or disaster in of debts that they already foisted upon these poor people they can simply market them as pills and people can swallow them selves to death and they can put their intestines and into debt they can put their whole bowels into debt they can put their stomach into debt they can put their bodies into debt they can die from consumption actual consumption even before the debt is paid off by the time it makes it through the alimentary canal is the perfect scenario for these pharmaceutical banking tyrants so here you have these corporations who have determined that you need more debt and that will solve all of our problems the financial collapse the economic collapse the fact that we have no jobs here is the answer more debt let's look at these headlines to show the proof for it us consumers relying on credit consumers in the us are increasingly using credit cards to pay for basic necessities as income gains fail to keep pace with rising food and fuel prices now the biggest rise in credit card purchases has been for gasoline ben an increase of thirty nine percent in the last month from the
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previous year similar you say that they've lowered the threshold in terms of what qualifies as a psychotic so they can sell them more anti-psychotic drugs similarly the government has changed the definition of good consumer price index so that according to the new index which is the twentieth or twenty fifth revision to going back twenty years or so the oil and gas are not included so according to the policymakers there is no inflation because they don't look at oil and gas they keep interest rates near zero and of course people at home are out there forced to use credit cards to it putting themselves more into debt which is making them psychotic forcing them to buy more anti-psychotic pills which are collateralized by future psychosis the entire global economy in particular americans collateralized by future psychosis is being sold forward by the pharmaceutical bankers today on wall street as a way to make sure that they get huge christmas bonus. so they can afford a higher class of prostitute next year so in this article they speak to david
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rosenberg chief economist at glasgow's chef and associates in toronto and he says basically referring to ben bernanke who saw positive signs in all the increase in credit card usage rosenberg says for people to think that this rebound in credit card usage is actually a sign of resurgent consumer confidence i think they're looking at the situation backwards so applying this to the method we've seen in the pharmaceutical industries max we see that in the pharmaceutical industries they look at the population of children in america and they say let's create a problem for them we'll call them psychotics and then we can sell them more drugs in america they looked at the population of people without jobs and they said let's call those people a good credit risk and give them more debt and this is exactly what they've done on the global stage as well they looked at greece they looked at portugal and they said yes let's join them into the euro the common currency area with germany and let's make them compete with germany and give them all the debt they need to compete with germany bernanke is obviously psychotic and so is true and so is more
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the people who are now orchestrating this global bailout they're not taking their meds as they should. of the i.m.f. or the g. twenty these are conventions of deeply psychotic individuals who are taking their meds that's the problem is actually the medicines are being given the prescription drugs the anti-psychotics of giving to being given to normal people when it's the psychotics are the ones in these corporations at the at the private banks at the central bank who are psychotic and they're seeing in the rest of the population their own illness in their own mind and projecting it on us and making us endure their psychosis. as i mentioned it's a collateral izing psychosis today for christmas bonuses tomorrow and a higher class of prostitutes to be here after that so let's look again at this psychosis of the global debt situation being you know operated by the likes of ben bernanke and other people behind him. jonathan while half of b. of a book value is bogus nine dollars and eighty five cents
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a share down twenty six percent this year bank of america finished yesterday with a market capitalization of ninety nine point eight billion dollars that's an astonishingly low forty nine percent of the company's two hundred and five point six billion dollar book value or common shareholder equity as of june thirtieth so basically what they're saying is that more than half of the company's book value is bogus due to overstated assets understate the liabilities or some combination of the two right and we could take that one step further and say that if you were to take all of the debts that bank of america and these other banks have parked on to the balance sheet of the fed and you return them back to where they came on to the balance sheet of bank of america goldman j.p. morgan their book value would be zero these are not really banks these are financial hole or grounds that exist only in the figment taishan of psychotic central bankers like ben bernanke who are off their meds. once we get to psychotic
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and we see the true nature of a ben bernanke i fully expect him to run naked around ron paul swinging a tempering and singing some old carpenter song. while having his entire body waxed by dominick tricks that's pretty much all we can look forward to what is next congressional testimony you know you create the problem in order to sell your product right so let's look at these final headlines europe is tanking as the words selective default hit the wires that was first thing monday morning the euro tanked gold in euro soared and then out from brussels the meeting in brussels came this tweet from the telegraph the new jargon buzz phrase here in brussels. rather than selective default what does it mean and what the telegraph journalist found was that one earnest
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commission source says see the standard and poor's definition it means hours or days this temporary default that greece will have another more honest nordic diplomat has just told me no one knows what it means it sounds nice and they want to sound nice again like abilify sounds nice for an anti-psychotic drug yes and the only player in all this that's not fooled of course is gold continuing to hit new all time highs in every currency around the world because the gold. don't play that anti-psychotic stuff for real and i want to make another point about this european debt crisis and what they're doing to greece you look at what the fins the fins and the germans are basically allied against any of these bailouts for the finns are proposing that greece collateralized now this three hundred billion euros worth of property of state assets actual property in greece and now remember so right now
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greece owes. a couple hundred billion euros but it's non-recourse they could just default and walk away and this sounds like to help them remember timothy geithner and obama offered us mortgage holders who held non-recourse home mortgage loans that they couldn't pay and then they could just send the keys and walk away then they offered that modification program well what it did is it changed it to a recourse program and they could pursue you for the rest of your life and this is what we see happening in europe again they've created the problem is they who created the problem and they're forcing more debt onto you to make it even worse than what if the people finally woke up in the anti-psychotic medicine more often they realize that they're being held hostage by a bunch of corrupt bankers and that all they need to do is to default and they'll be free well they quit one of the anti-psychotic medication to make people so mud is is debt is cheap debt so they're so mad they think everything is ok in the
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financial system plus of the e.c.b. with all the semantics about saying it's an easy bailout it's a bonafide bellowed it's a soma béla all that means is basically that the e.c.b. and the blunders bank and all these bankers in europe that were no war against inflation they gave up that hope they're totally for inflation and they're drinking the kool-aid but in this case it's the anti-psychotic medicine you need to stop taking that stuff and get real with their economies listen to stacy arbor she knows what's going on over there when you go into brussels or strengthen those people out states you know with all of those things that i'm going to new york that's where the heart of the financial center is and forget breast what about me can i come why don't you come with me really well i have to go now max by.
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if you're followed up on my death snow. on a sort of a throwback and if i can carve a fun long. it goes back to a time when people would lie down in their forces in the wild west and pick up
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these future dates important into the sheriff for prosecution to go on the female vote. and when they go out there these comments. and have to hope that nothing can. move. forward facing killers if you keep that in mind of the two million dollar bill for his arrest. we're not superheroes we can be told to you know the head i'm going to die. once you've had never go back to hide anything else. welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to argentina and talk with independent consultant on risk management and author of the new e-book the coming world government tragedy and hope adrian's bucci welcome to show adrian thank you for
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having me on before i ask you about your new book i want to ask you about greece is the nature of the financial attack on greece greece similar to what happened in argentina in two thousand i want two thousand and two well sadly yes because we are seeing almost a copy of exactly what happened in argentina the major difference being that what happened in argentina in two thousand and one two thousand and two could be. just limited to only affecting origin tina so he just let us foreign crash in argentina as g.d.p. fell forty percent in just one year and fifty percent of the population for below the poverty line whilst in greece it is suited to the euro who that they cannot take the liberty of allowing greece to fall just like that otherwise they would it's the difference between having your own currency and having somebody else's currency right so in the case of grace or ireland or even looks like italy and looks like spain i'll be sucked into this vortex of deceit the banks the myth the
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major global banks international banks they get the local governments like papyrus to commit fraud on behalf of the banks to lower the economies up with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of debt in the case of greece are talking now five hundred billion euros in debt that was illegally parked on their balance sheet and then when they can't pay back the debt they take all their assets as recompense for the debts that they never incurred but you're saying the big difference of course is that in greece they're part of the euro zone so you have this contagion effect whereas in argentina it was a self-contained economy and it was a bit of a silo effect that just happened within the confines of that economy correct. exactly so yes that's exactly the point we have to see above everything this is really all part of a model we are dealing with a global power elite whether you're in argentina whether you're in greece whether you're in britain or even in the united states a global power elite that is above all nation states that's why for many decades
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now they have the clear public can be number one the sovereign nation state which is the only institution that can really stand up to them and what they see time and again is to fully control nations now each nation has a different characteristic that will enable it to be controlled some nations need to be controlled through outright military invasion but that looks very bad on the six o'clock news as we learned from iraq and from vietnam and the many decades ago so what they do is they finance and install caretaker governments where the presidents and prime ministers basically act as chief executive officers and then through them begin to enact the necessary measures and laws that will endeavor a country like argentina or greece and then they come in and say oh you can't pay back they never could pay back so you're going to have to refinance increase our balance sheet assets and they just kick it over roll it over and at the same time they are able to impose their agenda through the local caretaker governments so
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that they can suck in all the wealth of argentina the natural resources and the same happens with greece and we're seeing that the world over we're all prophets are privatized or losses are socialized now in the case of the arizona it kind of interesting that you've got contagion a fact and it's spreading to other condom is. slightly larger economies of course greece is a three hundred billion dollar contracts not even as big as apple the software and computer company it's not as big as exxon one u.s. company or you have ireland similarly it's a two hundred or three hundred billion dollar economy spain is of course obviously a larger economy than that but still not a significantly larger economy so you've got this contagion spreading however at the center of the euro zone is germany and germany benefits from this catastrophe because of the lower year it helps their export market now how can
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germany big guaranteed that they by participating in the wholesale financial all rape of greece how can germany protect itself from the contagion wiggling its way into germany or did they haven't thought that far and they're simply going to be swallowed up by this financial contagion well i think max there are two levels of interpretation first of all from the national or into a view from germany's point of view and i should even say germany and france and medical and nicolas sarkozy together with the central european central bank president is on quote. greed on the climb and stance on the upcoming negotiations regarding greece on a national stance yes they do perhaps look at the short term benefit that they might get from balancing the euro out stabilizing matters and so forth but i still believe that i insist on this that there is a global power structure of those way above berlin way above paris you don't worry
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about them and washington although we might operate from those capitals that have other longer term. in mind person who has a lot to do with the introduction of a global currency which will not be in the hands of any one sovereign nation now the transition to. currency in germany knows this. the workers are part of the game will require to be controlled the minds of both the dollar and the euro so the dollars the markets will come through how deep are inflated quantitative easing one two and coming three has already hyper inflated the dollar and we know a lot about hyperinflation ours dina because we went through it in one thousand nine hundred ninety one as the way to break up the euro when the right time comes is just breaking it up because it is not hyper inflated however it is politically weak because if greece were to pull out and spain were to pull out and portugal or to pull out maybe even the germans might decide to go back to the old go to market was it would make might be to make life easier for them but their governments are
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so online to this global agenda that they wouldn't dare do that i'm going to say they are told by their bosses. all right currently what we're hearing out of brussels and the confound made up of the leaders of various countries and these international organizations as that they want to expand the concept of a european credit facility they want to create a new lending facility which would be let's say ten to twenty trillion euros in size and going back to the davus conference of the past year it was discussed that to solve the global financial crisis a new lending facility of one hundred trillion dollars needed needs to be created so the policymakers and these global institutions their answer is always exactly the same more debt more alone more interest cost more fees for bankers is it inevitable that hyperinflation visits to global economy as we saw in
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argentina. is that a done deal in your view in a way when argentina or artisan arts and sciences and can bring to the table is first hand experience at a mass devaluations hyperinflation and a systemic banking collapses i think first of all one of the things that i say very often to my people down here is how can a country or an organization or even individual that has as his basic problem a debt problem how can you solve the debt problem by incurring even more dead so the fact that they are setting up always slush funds of billions and hundreds of billions of even trillions of dollars merely shows that people are dead set on making the game roll on roll on roll on this is like the merry go round the need to have the hole that paradigm embedded into our minds embedded into our systems well so what they do is they ensure that people don't realize that if we were to make good proper use of public money and by public money i mean the the actual summer in
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currency that any state can issue which is not on interest bearing because it is banking interests that is at fault when it comes. sort of a major source of inflation i think that we have to look and say well are these just a series of very bad mistakes or is there any plan behind this and i personally believe that that's what my book deals with there is a plan behind this and the plan is basically to set up a world government which needs to transition away from globalization and towards a more formal world government and i know we have very little time to think the point especially for american friends to say is that just as when we were the global power elite decided to move from the bipolar post world war two world towards globalization twenty one years ago they had to engineer the demise of the former soviet union now as they are wrapping up. ushering in world government just described in my book the other superpower has to go it's the united states of america that they now need to go into the waste bin of history because
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a formal world government cannot tolerate that any anyone major nation state sovereign nation state should still be in existence because we've had the bushes and the clintons and the obama's in power and they've been very aligned to the global power elite but what would happen if a true patriot were to make it to the white house so in a way i think that what we are seeing is not only the engineering of the most of the dollar and the euro to replace the local currency but even be geo political demise of this united states of america which might help to explain why their problems will only get worse in the coming weeks and months right well astern and the other reading entities are already talking about downgrading u.s. debt and other foreign rating agencies have already downgraded u.s. debt so they're tenderizing the meat so to speak before they cook it and the downgrade of u.s. debt is baked into the cake to use another cooking metaphor and that yes the u.s.
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dollars its predominance on the global economy and anyone who's not a you know u.s. citizen the other ninety five percent of the world's population. course we benefit from that now finally let me just return argentina first second how did argentina deal with its banker infestation problem how did it get rid of the banking scam well we didn't it's still here one of the as a key example which is even worse in america during our two thousand and one two thousand and two systemic banking financial and current signals down as i said the people suffer huge amounts of hardship they want went out into the street they banged on the doors of the banks which were very very hermetically shut close and yet when the whole crisis was over not one single bank max not one single bank although millions of argentinians lost their homes lost their savings that lost their pensions and so forth so in a way they use psychological warfare because they know that people end up getting
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used to whatever comes to them its basic cycle of human psychology in a way that the great inventors of argentina certainly has and that ireland spain italy even greece do not have is argentina is immensely wealthy from its natural resources we are a country that is the eighth territory in the world we should have one hundred forty million people and yet we are only forty million and look at the irony a small population in an immensely wealthy territory and you have the population is below the poverty level this clearly shows that there is the. there is a basic agenda because then when you see when other countries run into trouble whether it be brazil and mexico at the end of the ninety's greece ireland iceland portugal italy and spain now in europe even in the united states you see the same pattern coming time and again and when you see the same pattern it's because there's a model and when there is a model a somebody is planning it and b. most important a model is predictable so it's very important to start to understand how the model
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works so that it can become predictable and we can take the necessary measures to mitigate it even to compensate. all right adrian thanks so much for being on the cars report thank you my it's my pleasure already that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me and stacy herbert if you want to send me an e-mail pleased to report it r t t v are you until next time this is.
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thousands of protesters remain on the streets of madrid furious at spain's huge unemployment rate and the government's faltering attempts to deal with the financial crisis many say the international monetary fund and brussels are deciding the country's future as much as spain's government. across the atlantic the clock ticks down over a potential u.s. to fall with the white house and congress deadlocked over how to raise the fourteen trillion dollar debt ceiling meanwhile secretary of state hillary clinton working to reassure asian investors the government will not default on its debt which could potentially trigger another global economic meltdown. a vigil for the victims
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norway remembers those lost in friday's deadly attacks this is the man who confessed to the killings claimed he's only one thing. of extremist network a brit has confessed and was charged with terrorism but says he will not plead guilty to the charges. bounty hunters have been around for centuries but even they are having to adapt to the changing times our special report coming up we discover who is on their hit list these days. but by the rest all times of the weapon ok he would be on the stomach and then i got the weapon ok that's one now that was left handed i have to be prepared for either hand if it was his right hand if it's the right hand same thing if it's his right hand ok i push i grab. this is a very special school in sacramento. case and here it takes just
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a few hours to train people into bounty hunters to get rid of what i'm wearing right now is exactly where i want to work in the streets because if you instructor is a native american called rex when a tour contract is the area of expertise is bounty hunting people are going to be taking their twelve hour course this weekend they started friday night walking in. on sunday to get the ticket but my class is actually closer to eight hours before. anybody can take part in this training assume these freshly trained hunters will be scattered throughout the city on the trail of fugitives. in southern california who are trained in the scene and on the streets. and we also have. a mine who has taken this class in the past she's been out with us once before and to separate us and she will be continuing her street training because one of the things that we do that's different from the other delegation provide.


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